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Planet of the Apes was awesome!

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Luxury // Urban // Nature // Fashion

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“I smile because I’m in pain
My mouth is the cloud that carries,the precipitation which are the words that come out of my mouth do you hear what I’m sayin?
‘Oh I wish that it would rain’
On that outside at least,
because the hurricane that blows constant on the inside
is never at peace.

When I’m not smiling you should be concerned
that means the last bit of my hope
as been like Usher ‘Burned’
and in turn
disintegrated my will to hide what’s inside
I mean so much is gone I don’t care about my pride
let us slow down and set aside my gloomy rant
even though I try to move forward
I am still hurting so I can’t

I do keep my faith in God do not get me wrong
he is the one that blessed me with this ability to turn my feelings
into song
I am grateful that he has provided
everything in my life
Sometimes I am confused however and I begin to hurt as if I had something in my eye Like spice.
Think twice before you lose hope because even though
Life may seem dark
God is right there with you waiting on you to call His name so he can lend help.

God Has helped me by giving vision,
I am just naive at times which is what puts me in this position
the one with singed hopes,
I don’t need to repeat it
I know you listened.

God is Great so keep his love alive inside
let go of your ego, put down your pride

Peace and Love To You From Me
some call me Julius
You can call Limited Vocabulary
or simply


JCL3 (Limited Vocabulary)
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Alone in action - Stockholm, Sweden.

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